Saturday, June 30, 2007

Painting a Day - 5

Still Life with Sandcastle Sculpture
Oil on Shellacked Mat Board

And a picture of me taking a picture of the pictures... yay!

Mom is back! This time she chose to paint a sand sculpture and a shell, and a starfish. Looks pretty good, doesn't it? Mom thinks the color is off on the photograph (no surprise) but likes the actual painting.

I think mine could be better. I've been completely wiped out since my brother had three nights of people spending the night... AND WOULDN"T GO TO BED! *Ahem* Sorry. So... I felt more like sleeping than painting and I see all my usual mistakes. Hopefully it will all be better tomorrow.

We're thinking of different things to paint, anyone have any ideas? I've got the Squido Painting a Day page bookmarked ( if you are interested) and we're getting ideas from it. Yay! So, enjoy until tomorrow,


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