Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Painting a Day - 2

Still Life (S)hell
Oil on Shellacked MattBoard

This is our second attempt at this whole 'painting a day' thing. I think it's coming along really well. As per last time, the top one is mine, and the bottom one is mom's.

This time we had a fixed light source (instead of the sun) so it was a bit easier. But it was harder for me to get a picture. I think I got our pieces all right. We did different shells this time (obviously) because I thought mom might like a big, easier one instead of three mildly difficult ones (I didn't get the mother of pearl sheen, patina, or translucency right) but she thought it was way, way too difficult with just the mild translucency of her large pink shell.

I'm really happy with the way mine turned out despite some difficulties, but mom didn't really like hers until she got to step back from it. She said she wasn't completely happy with it, but she knows for her second painting ever it wasn't too bad. I say a month of this and I'll have competition :P!

I've got to get better pictures. It was seven when I finished so I have to put light on it and then take a picture, and one side ended up darker than the other... I think I'll wait till they dry and take another picture and upload them. I think it'll be better once I do that. The color isn't showing up exactly right.


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