Sunday, July 03, 2011

Good News!

Hi! I have good news!

For awhile now I've been living in Louisiana. For pretty much my whole life (unless you count the few years I was in far east Texas) I have lived in the silver buckle of the bible belt. I've been working a lot, and mostly outside, and I haven't had much time to work on any art. I do try hard to do something creative everyday, but it's really difficult to work outside in triple digits with 98-100% humidity for nine hours a day, and driving close to two hours a day in a car without air conditioning, and then come home to try and be creative. For the most part I sit there dazed for a few hours before falling asleep. I don't even have the energy to lift a pencil half the time.

But, my cousin lives in Memphis. A wonderful place full of... Ok, so the temperatures and humidity or slightly similar. But the good part is I won't have to work at the big blue box and I get to live with my cousin while I work on doing nothing but creating art, working on my art sites, writing blog posts, and everything I want to do without dealing with loading 50 pound bags of cow manure, angry customers, bosses and dealing with family politics.

All I have to do is take care of the food budget and pay part of the rent (a very small part!).

This is awesome for me. I love cooking. I love dealing with money and budgets and figuring out how to eat well on not a lot of money. And I love not having to be outside all of the time. On the giant concrete map I'm sitting on in the picture, I'll be around that area.

I don't have much longer. I'm spending this time finishing up two commissions, worrying over what to pack, looking up more recipes everyone might like, worrying over what to pack, and working, still trying to survive the heat.

Luckily I've been able to work because I have a new friend at my job who is an uber creative type who makes going to work bearable! Everyone should visit her Etsy shop and buy something so she doesn't have to work in the pesticide covered plants and will get to make more soap and do more spinning: Visit Now! :) I really like using her soaps and her spun art is amazing in person. Loves to barter too, so if you are interested convo her on Etsy!

All right, I have posted enough for one day. I'm going to go back to drawing and painting, and getting ready to move!

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