Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hand Spun Yarn

Here it is, the photo showing off my new yarn and my new spindle! I was really happy with my teeswater wool yarn, it came out much more even than I would have thought. And I kind of like being in the pictures a bit. I am kind of hamming it up. I think I was just happy to be off work!

Also, by the end of the next day I had stopped throwing my spindle across the room while trying to spin. I figure this is progress!

On another note, I put in my two weeks notice a couple of days ago and my last day of retail work is the 25th! I am so happy that I'll get to start painting again! (notice all the exclamation points, sorry about that...)

Now all I have to do is save up enough money to go to Pakistan, for a wedding... I only have three months! Let's see what I can do! My first real impossible challenge! Love it!

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