Thursday, July 28, 2011

CommissionII: My Process

The bad myspace photo aside, I'm really excited because I got the canvas made and gessoed and toned. I should have probably used more gesso. I didn't realize how thin the stuff I bought was.
I was going to stop and redo it, but I'm only getting a piddling amount for it and decided I had wasted too much time to have to redo it. The only thing I'm worried about is the canvas soaking up my oil too fast for me to really mix, thus making me have to use a lot of paint.
I hope this toned ground of raw sienna off sets a lot of that. I usually take so much time gessoing and sanding then gessoing then sanding. I don't know why I didn't this time.
I was probably thinking of saving time, but I hope it doesn't come back to bite me.
Well, fingers crossed.
(and really, I had to do something to liven up the photo, a toned ground is just boring!)

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