Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The New Savings Ticker

At the top of my blog I have placed a fun little money ticker because I am trying to make enough money to travel to see my friend's brother's wedding. Why do you ask? Because I want to travel and this will be an awesome place to go. Unfortunately it will also be a very expensive place to go and if I can't save up around three grand I won't be able to go.

And I must say, it's really hard to find a money ticker online. I must admit I probably don't know the right terminology, so if you happen to know of another site that has tickers, please let me know. This will work ok for now, but I was hoping I'd just get to change it on my blog instead of having to log in on another site and mess with it.

Right now I have enough savings to go, but I don't want to use my savings to go. So I am going to try to sell enough art and get enough to go before the deadline... in about two to three months. I did say it was an impossible challenge in the last post!

Expect more art soon. Mostly because I'm quitting. Anything I sell is going straight to my ticker! And I'll have more options for buyers soon. check back!

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