Thursday, July 05, 2007

Book: The Art of Looking Sideways

I suppose I should have checked the price on Amazon before I grabbed the book off the shelves at Books a Million, but once it was in my hands I couldn't let it go. But the good news is it was worth every bit of forty dollars and I probably would have bought it if it was sixty.

Now, to say what this book is about is impossible. The book IS design. The book does not tell someone how to become more creative, or how to design a book, or how to look at something differently. The book is creativity and is a look at the world differently. I told my boyfriend that I wish I would have done a book like this first, because it was exactly how I envisioned what I wanted to put together. Too bad I never got as far as a scrapbook.

I'm reading it all the way through, but I also can't help picking it up and savoring each page at random. It's the kind of book you can do that with.

Look it up on Amazon! You can find it used for about $16.00 last time I looked.


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