Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Painting a Day - 7

Oil on Shellacked Mat Board

I left the crop to show that it is, indeed my picture taking skills that have skewed the image, not my painting job. I swear it's straight on the board. And I took it miserably in all 10 shots. I am a horrid photographer.

I am happy because this is the first one that has taken less than half an hour. All the others took two. This one took about 21 minutes. It had to with the ice. You can kinda see where the ice is melting and forming a fog. So I'm happy considering the amount of time.

Why didn't it take too long? It couldn't. I just got back from Transformers, and being the first Transformers /anything/ I've see, I was mildly surprised at how enjoyable it was. I could have done without the scatological humor during the one scene, and I still can't imagine making out /in/ a sentient being... or on one... But it didn't seem to bug my boyfriend or his brother (geeks). I can understand why Bay gets his reputation. Those fight scenes could have been more enjoyable if they could have been seen. The lights?! What the hell? But besides those things, it was really fast paced and I enjoyed it.

I forgot what it's like to get hit on by... uh... fan boys to be nice. While waiting for my boyfriend and his brother while they were at the concession stand, I had three boys (uh, men) ask me (hopefully) if I was there to see the movie alone. Because I guess most girls wouldn't? I don't know. It was kinda creepy, actually.

Oh well. I got home, and got to painting. I might try it again. Can't get any worse :P


P.S. Mom's not here because she's watching Rat A 2 E with Sam and Dad. But tomorrow I should have a real treat!

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