Saturday, July 21, 2007

Painting a Day - 14

The End of Childhood
Oil on Shellacked Mat Board

I just made it huh? I woke up late since I was reading all night and then I didn't feel like doing anything, and I wasn't even on the news and I waited all day to see and then I didn't feel like painting, but I did anyway.

I'm glad I did. It looks pretty cool No rotten strawberries (They're so gone I couldn't paint them) but I like books and this one turned out pretty well. I like having artwork in paintings. Seeing it as we see the objects that we turn into artwork.I was glad I was able to do this one in the zorn palette. I had my reservations because Marie Grand Pre has those wonderful colors and that soft geometry style going for her, but I think I managed to work it out well. I might do some more stuff to the lettering. It starts to slant a bit wrongly on the 'ter', but nothing I can't fix.

I am not sure if I can sell this piece. *looks around* So... right now it's NFS.

If you noticed I redid some things on the blog, and moved all my "what's up" and random stuff to my other blog: This ones purely going to be for articles and painting a day and other artworks I do. I hope y'all don't mind that. It's now less cluttered, so I like it already! Though I was happy being closer to fifty posts than I am now. Back to less than thirty. Sigh.

I'll be able to paint tomorrow, and I won't do something extremely... pop culture. I just had to. I mean, I grew up with him!


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