Sunday, July 08, 2007

Craft: Camp Project 2

Alice in Wonderland Magnet
.75" ish
Glass, paper, glue, modge podge, super glue, magnets

It's hard to get pictures of these little things!! Oh well. I didn't do a painting a day today because I've been working on getting a bunch of craft things together for camp. I have to have a few examples ready. So I've been working on this, and a bottle I'm decorating. I'm not going to have a cheesecloth angel done, but the kids are just going to have to deal and use their imaginations. It'll be friggin' wonderful for them.

Tonight I have to pack, pack the craft supplies, maker sure I have the paper cut out for book binding, scrape all the labels off all the bottles, and then load everything into my car.

And then drive to where there will be no internet for five days. Whoopee. But, I'm bringing all my painting supplies, so I should have some work for when I get back! And I might escape long enough to find an internet cafe someplace. Doubtful, but I TOLD them I wasn't going to be a freaking councilor. The kids would be scared for life! And they didn't listen to me so they are going to have to put up with me.

Wow, I sound like a real witch.

Anyway, I don't like kids and putting off painting and not getting any sleep. I'm just grumpy! See you in a week!


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