Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Painting a Day - 8

Portrait - Justin Reading Philosophy
Oil on Shellacked Mat Board

Mom was out enjoying the fireworks, so I tried a harder subject. I know I promised something uber special, and while I like this, I was hoping for me, my mom, and my grandma to all paint together. But it didn't happen. Rats.

So Justin was here and it hit me that I have yet to paint him... ever. So I told him to sit down, read his new book, and try not to move so much.

So about a hour into it he started fidgeting and I wrapped it up, threw in a... well... I guess I could call that a background, and decided it looks just like him. I really had to work fast on this one. But I love the painterly style I get. Hopefully mom and I will start painting together again soon.


P.S. Tune in tomorrow where I review a book. Kinda.

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