Sunday, September 18, 2011

Artumn Madness: The Idea

Autumn starts this year on September 23. I've always loved this time of year. I just want to go and create and put things in order, enjoys the colors and the scents. Large bouquets of sharpened pencils and school supplies! I love it!

So what's that box of... Stuff?

That is a small part of my collection of mat board scraps. Yes. Small part. I have two other bags and another large box. so... What am I going to be doing with it?

I love writing for NaNoWriMo in November: the madness, the work, the finished piece! I wanted to do something like that with painting. So I did daily painting, but I never got that feeling of madness. I felt pressured to make perfect pieces daily, but even that ran counter to NaNo and the "it doesn't matter if it sucks just WRITE" argument.

And if you write and paint a lot of absolute crap and drivel, you are bound to accidentally come up with something good as long as you're trying! There was once a pottery class where the teacher divided everyone into two groups. The first group only had to turn in one pot, but it had to be perfect to get a passing grade. The second group would be graded on quantity instead of quality. They had an ungodly quota to meet. So where did the best pots come from? The group more focused on quantity, hands down. The other group got bogged down in theories and beauty and didn't create as much. It's all about the work!

Then I got an idea. Something I could do. I was going to use all of my pieces of mat board for painting. All of them. At first I thought I would do it in October which would be a very, very scary thing to do. Luckily while trying to come up with names Assad came up with Artumn and I found out that fall starts September 23 and ends December 21. Much more doable than thirty days, especially with the amount of board I have!

So that's my challenge. An ungodly number of small paintings are to be done by December 21st. I am not going to be focused on quality. I'm not going to try to be bad, but I won't have that pressure of one perfect daily painting.

I will have the freedom to just paint!

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