Saturday, September 03, 2011

CommissionII: His Close Up

I put off his head till last because I just knew I wasn't going to make him look normal. Lucky for me I was wrong and besides his hair taking forever and a day his face came together really well. And I am lying about the hair. It really wasn't that hard, I just kept working from dark shadow to light, from warm shadow to cool highlights. I was really surprised how it turned out.

And really, I can't talk much about his face because it feels like I put some darks, filled up to highlight and played with a bit of cool and warm tones, but everything ended up in the right place and that included his eyes.

I love when things are in the right place and I surprise myself. Though it almost feels like I'm cheating because I haven't worked hard and where'd the paint go?

Anyway, I was thrilled! It's like I'm getting better at painting. More practice! Here I come!

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