Friday, September 09, 2011

Bookbinding: Book 1

My first four books will be pretty much the same. I decided to bind my books using the Coptic stitch. I have four books for learning Urdu that I had forever in ebook format. Then I took a bookbinding course and decided I would find a program that would take a PDF and separate it into sections for bookbinding. I'll find the URL for that very handy little program tomorrow. So after that and the printing fiasco I ended up with forty or so signatures that needed to be sewn into books.


So now I'm actually getting to put them together. When I first started I wanted them all hard bound, but then I realized how hard that would be and how I was going to use them. I needed Coptic stitch so that they would stay flat, so I could study from them.

This was the first one. The cover really doesn't have anything to do with Urdu: An Essential Grammar, but I have a rule that I have to use up my art supplies I have for these projects I've started without buying more. That's also why half of the thread is pink and the other half is green.

I love it! Even if it would have gotten me a wonky stamp.

I'm doing these four first to get back in the swing of things, but after that I have enough supplies for several books I'm going to make, just to put in my etsy shop. I have gorgeous paper, an excellent book cloth and the paper for the inside will be up-cycled and top notch.

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