Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Artumn Madness: Days Three, Four and Five

Isn't this time of year great? It's been absolutely busy. And I've been doing my best to not only paint, but get ready for October (where I will kick off Artumn Madness, October Edition) and help some of my friends with drawing.

I've done a few paintings, and I should update my count. I'm now at 101.325 sq inches. But I should be able to add at least 100 or so more today once I get done with my two commissions and a few other smaller paintings. I've gotten into more of a painting groove. Now if I could just produce good paintings (notice the lack of a photo of what I've done on this post!)

One of my friends asked me a question last night: "How do you start when you draw from life."

I thought this was an excellent question and I set out trying to explain the start. I realized while I could do it in words, it would probably be easier for everyone involved if I do a demonstration. So I'm planning to do that, it'll just take me a bit to get the photos done right and the post formatted. Especially with all the paintings I'm trying to do. But I'll be doing several beginners posts because I think it's important to have a starting point. There are a ton of "how to start painting and drawing" posts, but I do think I have something different to bring to the table. A different way of looking at it. So either sometime tomorrow or the next day I'll be posting that, and I hope it helps!

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