Saturday, September 24, 2011

Artumn Madness: Day Two

Thin Pepper and Lemon
Still Life

Well, I thought I would show off the best piece I've done that counts towards Artumn Madness. I had a day of volunteering so I haven't done much, I'm afraid. They put me on trash duty for most of the morning, and then I ended up doing face painting for about an hour. I don't think I'll count that towards my 30,000 sq inch goal, but it is tempting. It was painting. Kids are kinda cute.

I have painted some after that, and I'm about to paint more. I have a little set up for still life and everything. I'm going to do two commissions first, before I start on the still life. I have peppers and lemons and all sorts of fun things to paint! Aanar even! Tomorrow I'll have to shellac more boards before I'm able to really start painting. I think I'll shellac as many as can fit on my work area outside, and then go inside to paint for an hour or so, then harvest those, shellac another set, then paint for an hour...

I've really got to get started! At least now I'm back on a normal sleeping schedule so I can get up at a time that isn't noon or later. That was getting old fast. I like being able to paint with natural light, and I was missing morning light sleeping so late! I mean, I get natural light all day, but half of the day was lost... lost...

When do you like to paint? Morning? Night? Do you prefer natural light? North light only? Sky light? Light box? Let me know about your set up! Link to pictures for bonus points!

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