Friday, September 02, 2011

CommissionII: Finally Finished!

Well, I say finally mostly because I used that phrase on commission the first and thought it would be a good tag line. All in all it wasn't that painful a painting for me. I took my time, didn't get over whelmed, and I think it turned out well. It's certainly not going to go down in history as one of my mature pieces or anything, but considering how I had been apart from painting I did well. Painting is a cruel mistress to those who spurn her.

I'm afraid this photo doesn't really do it justice and I plan to try to get a better photo of it tomorrow. Can't promise anything, but I do have details of the faces in the painting.

Mostly I'm used to using way more paint. This was very bare bones for me. You can see the under coat of raw sienna! This kind of bugs me even though it looks good. It looks good in the photo and it looks good in real life. I just wish I can convince part of me that it is good. The main reason I used so little paint was I got the effect I needed without adding more. The second reason is this painting is huge and I am not getting a ton of money for it and I can't afford to cover the painting with any more paint. Had it turned out bad I would have uses as much painting as needed to fix it. I was just lucky. Or skilled. Not talented.

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melissa said...

Yay!! It looks great! Great timing for the post ;)