Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Artumn Madness: The Rules

Well, my cousin told me it might be helpful if I outlined a few rules in the event that someone would like to paint with me on this venture. I said okay. And then I had to figure out exactly what the rules were going to be. It's easy for me, I have a lot of stuff and I want to paint. I'm going to PAINT ALL THE THINGS!

So here are the rules:

1. 10,000 square inches. You have one month. Do something with them. If you want to do the whole "Artumn" with me, (September 23-December 21) it's 30,000 square inches.

2. Yeah, that's it.

And here are the questions I am anticipating:

Q: Does it have to be one large 100in x 100in work?

A: No, you could do 10,000 square inch drawing or paintings if you wanted. Or you can do a 16x20 painting a day (plus some extra on special days) or you can find a giant 100x100 canvas and go to town. Whatever would make you feel more accomplished, or would fit into your goals.

Q: Does it have to be painting? Oil only? What's the "correct way"

A: There really is no correct way. It's whatever you would be happiest with. Do you want to get better at pencil? Pen and ink? Watercolor? Decoupage? Paper cut outs? Pyrography? Fabric arts? Acrylic? Oil? It's up to you!

Q: I don't really have a lot of money....

A: Eh, neither do I. I am an artist. But, seriously, you don't have to go out and buy the best canvas, the best paint, or the best brushes and paper and tools. This is about getting better, not making a bunch of (Or one big) masterpiece. This is about working! I once saw a lady take a roll of brown paper towels from storage and use that to draw on. Tons and tons of drawings with that and an ink pen. You can get a ream of paper for about 8 dollars at Staples. I went to Hobby Lobby and asked for all off the mat scraps (Smaller than 5x7) they just throw away and they'd keep them in a box and I'd buy a whole bunch of them for a couple of dollars. Now I'm shellacking them and using them! See how creative you can be! Isn't that what artists are known for? I know I went to a place where we had a bonfire and I ended up with a ton of charcoal that worked brilliantly. A roll of butcher paper from Lowe's doesn't cost that much. And just ask around. Who knows what your family and friends will have in a corner that they'd love to get rid of!

Q: I've started this work and I want to use it. Do my preliminary sketches count? What about...?

A: If you want to use it, use it. If you would feel good about yourself after counting that, then I will feel good about you too. This is about getting better. And if you cut corners, you don't really hurt anyone but yourself. But if you worked hard on whatever it is, count it! But they have to be done within either autumn, or the month you've chosen to work in. That's it.

Q: How do I keep up with how much I've done?

A: I don't really have anything set up where people can keep up with their square inch count. I've started a twitter account @artumnmadness and I will be starting a facebook group that people can join. As for now, you can tweet @artumnmadness or comment on my blog here. Or you can post to your own blog and facebook page. Just try and link back here so other people can join! You can either measure it out perfectly or estimate if you are using less than regular pieces.

Q: Where did you get 10,000 square inches?

A: I looked up the size ofA Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. I figured that would be an accomplishment in a month. It was 9000 something square inches. I rounded to 10,000.

Q: What do I win?

A: A real sense of accomplishment? Maybe a certificate you can print and hang on your wall....

Q: Why in the world would I want to do this?

A: You should look inside yourself and see if you have what it takes.... Ok, I'm being slightly facetious. The reasons for doing this are as varied as the reasons people sign up for NaNoWriMo. People always say "I want to do art" or "I want to write a novel" and it's always going to be "someday." Some people like a challenge. Some want to use up a large amount of art supplies that they're too afraid to start to work on.

For me, I don't really have such a noble cause. I am always timid when starting something else. I work best within rules and deadlines because when I add limitations I always come up with more creative solutions. When I have a deadline I work harder and do more. I loved NaNoWriMo, and I wanted something for art that didn't involve comic strips or create one perfect painting daily. And also I have a lot of art supplies...

So I made up my own rules and deadlines.

Do you want to join me? It could be fun! I'm looking forward to starting in 3 days time. I will be welcoming people who want to do a month of art in October, and once again in November as well, so don't feel too rushed. Just comment, follow me on twitter, and let me know what you think!

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melissa said...

I think you did an awesome job with the rules and Q&As. I think "not having to go Christmas Shopping" should be added to "What do I win?" Also don't forget about my give-a-way idea. :)