Monday, August 22, 2011

Bookbinding: Post Binding

Of all the books I bound during my bookbinding class, the post bound one turned out to be my favorite. It was also the easiest to make! Seriously.

Basically I took long rectangular paper and made it all pretty and straight, then made the cover with four pieces of book board, some bookcloth, and some cute pieces of paper. Then drill pressed the sucker and added the posts to hold it all together. Easy! This one even had a flap that made it a tiny bit harder, but still, one more piece of bookboard, a longer piece of bookcloth, and some magnets isn't rocket science!

I'm going to try and make another like this soon, but using nicer paper. And making it thicker will be fun too! I was thinking cold pressed watercolor paper, or some paper I make! It will be a fun project any way I do it!

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