Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moved, finally!

Well, I am now currently in Memphis Tennessee and this is going to be my new painting room. Tons of natural light from the south, but in a fairly shady yard so all the light is diffused. I hope this works. We'll see how it turns out once I start painting from life out there. It was actually quite terrible at first but Melissa and I got it cleaned up and it smells and feels great. I can even walk out there barefoot. I'm still working on the kitchen. Melissa has forbidden me saying much about that. So I won't... Much.

I have everything moved except for a few things that didn't fit in my tiny little Honda, like my wood easel. I'm using my tiny portable one which is nice, but a little shaky when I'm working so large. I'm hoping painting goes ok tomorrow. I'm trying to finish my painting in the next two days (probably not going to happen) so I can paint what I want to in Eureka Springs (I will probably be painting this commission up there as well.)

I also haven't blogged because my computer is stubbornly refusing to connect to the internet. Right now I am on my phone, so if things are a bit off, I am sorry. I also don't type well on it, and I've already caught several mistakes, whether from auto correct or not I am unsure, but it's still getting under my skin. Hopefully my computer will stop being homesick and let me connect so I can type a decent blog post!

As far as the painting goes I have found several things wrong that I need to address, which I would have caught doing the Giacometti method. I'm working completely on the drawing tomorrow! I need to redeem myself.

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