Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food: Home Made Chicken Noodle

I know, I know, two food posts in a row! But I promise tomorrow I will have two art posts at least and a language post.

This I'm just happy it turned out all right. I thought I might have messed up, but I kept cooking and things turned out pretty much ok. I know I'm not the best chef in the world, but I like cooking with good ingredients and not out of a box.

I know I could cook fresher food, get the meat straight from a butcher or find fruit and veggies at a farmers market, and I do sometimes. But it's much easier and closer to go to the store and not hike across town or hitch a ride from my roomie people.

I suppose I'll have to get over my fear of city driving.

Nah, I'll just keep painting.

Oh, finished a painting tonight that has been giving me fits! But I'll post it tomorrow, along with explanation!

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