Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CommissionII: I Keep Forgetting Photos!

Here is a picture of what I did yesterday. I'll probably post what I do today, tomorrow :P


Kristin said...

::pops out of bushes:: I found you! This is looking great. I've been seeing all the pics on FB. Who are they?

-Kristin Gardner

Vi said...

Hey Kristin! I've been hearing Melissa talk about your blog a lot and I've been keeping up with it that way. It's good to see it from you link :). Right now Melissa and I are trying to figure out members' and followers widget. It's pretty funny!

I'm not really sure who the people are, other than the woman is the founding pastor of a church a manager at Hobby Lobby is now a pastor of. And my Grandma knows them. She asked me about "Mrs. So and so" and I really didn't know who she was talking about and she didn't understand my confusion. It was a confusing couple of minutes.

I'm hoping it gets done soon!

Kristin said...

Design>Add a Gadget>Search for Google Friend Connect :)

You'll get the hang of it. hehe, that's funny that your Grandma thinks that everyone in GFC is a personal friend ;) Only you, Mel and Neill, and David and my sister read my blog- I try to keep it away from my family because it's so personal but I know it's inevitable.

I love seeing everything you are working on!

Vi said...

Yes, the problem was both of us had it but it wasn't showing up where it was supposed to! Quite annoying XP

Yeah, it seems like they might be able to find it, but I hope you're able to hide it from them for awhile. I knew mine would never be completely personal, so anyone can see it and it doesn't bug me too much :P I like the way you are so open though! I sometimes feel a bit too business-y about the whole thing.

I'm really glad I will be able to work more now that I'm here with Neillissa! It's uber exciting that I'll be able to focus on my work and my blog! Makes me /excited!/

Kristin said...

LMAO at Neillissa!