Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fiverr: Yarn and Knitting Needles

Knitting Needles, Yarn Ball, Skein
Oil on Mat Board

This is my first fiverr commission in awhile. I've done a bit of spinning and and weaving and I was actually kind of excited to get this commission. I've never painted any of my fiber arts creations, but I'll try to paint some of my creations from life soon. I've got some roving that I want to spin into yarn, and I want to paint it after I get done. Not the yarn, but a picture of the yarn!

I should really start sleeping. Insomnia sucks.


Sparrow said...

What do you mean you want to be an artist? You already are! The paintings you have on your blog are wonderful.

Vi said...

Thank you Sparrow!

I guess I mean when I hang out with other artists I always hear and learn new stuff and most of the time I am thinking, "How do I not know this??" I am also trying to support myself with just art right now. It's a little bit strange painting everyday and not having a "real job" to go to. Very scary too.

But I'm starting to feel more confident. Instead of thinking "I don't have a job!" I am now thinking, "I am an artist, I need to do..." And then I work toward it. It's such a great feeling to be able to do what I need to, to be the best artist I can be!