Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Packing! and a blog to hold ya over XD

So far I haven't done much painting this week. Mostly because I thought I would have a whole other week to pack. But I am leaving on the seventh. This leaves me little less than four days to pack up everything.


I didn't realize one person could accumulate so much stuff. I would post pictures but I don't want to frighten anybody. It looks like I should be on hoarders. The best part about doing this is a lot of stuff is getting donated or tossed or finally used.

So, in lieu of a new post, I'm going to send everyone to my friend's blog/journal thing. It is here. This isn't an art blog. This is my friend who just found out she has a rare form of cancer. But I love her upbeat attitude and humor through all of her posts. I'd start at the beginning, or you will be wondering what "Chiquita" means, or why everything is teal! I think she needs as much support as she can get. She's just starting Chemo today, so a fresh wave of prayers and thoughts is the only thing I can give her. Thank you everyone who takes out just a bit of time out of their day to pray for her!


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