Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Art Store

New blog post to follow shortly!

One thing I was worried about when moving was finding out how I was going to get all of my art supplies without having a car to drive to an art supply store. I agonized over bus routes and wondered if I could borrow my cousin's car and then I wondered if I would be able to drive in city traffic. (I have a slight problem with left turns without a signal and there seems to be a fair few here. Not knowing where these are would cause me a lot of stress.) I know that this doesn't bother some people, but coming from a place where a traffic jam is a three car pile up behind a tractor, well, I know it will take some getting used to if I do start driving.

So, my cousin, while driving a couple of days ago, pointed out this building with "Discount Art Supplies" over the door. In an offhand way, she mentioned: "This is the art store you'd be able to walk to. I don't know if it's any good..." and I immediately perked up. Any place I could walk to, even though it looked like we were starting to get into the rough side of town, would be preferable to some place I'd have to drive to.

So today was the first day we actually walked there. I'm lucky she came with me because I would have been so lost. Plus I would have freaked out over the amount of traffic at the end and walked straight back. I don't do well with crowds, obviously!

But the store was great! It was a tiny store but just about everything in it was for the serious artist. No cheap winton paint here! Before I left I took all my cash out of my wallet so I wouldn't go crazy in the store, no matter what was there. Unfortunately I still had my debit card... this is not good when I find my first tube of vermillion that's not attached to the word "hue"... As a lover of the Zorn Palette, not having a tube of vermillion and never even having used it has always seemed like a sin to me. Ordering it would have been an option but the price has always made me shy away. I knew however whenever I saw it in person I'd probably end up and buy it. And that is exactly what happened (see picture above!)

The good news about my splurge is that I now love this shop since I A.) finally own a tube of vermillion, B.) Received a free small tube of ultramarine blue, and C.) got two free samples of paper! Woo! New art store FTW! *Does the happy art store dance* They are also selling a press, something that I will be saving up for if at all possible! And kilns! And beautiful paper! And, my favorite: bookbinding supplies! As soon as I am done with my commission I will be doing so much book binding it will be unreal! Painting and books! I am so happy :)

Also I plan to do some work with vermillion and actually see how it works. I have been wondering which color it's closest to (I'm told cad red light, but I'll actually get to see first hand!) and how it works mixed with different paint and... well, as soon as I get my commission done I will do a ton of work with my beloved Zorn Palette. <3 yay.

So, if you're in Memphis there is a great art supply store. I just wish I could remember the names of the streets. I think one is Highland and the other is Summer. Or Southern. Or...

You know, I should really learn to pay attention! I'll have to get there by myself next time!

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