Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CommissionII: On Air

Well, I managed to paint on my commission, live, in front of... six people. Two of those being my cousin and myself. I think that's a pretty good number, considering I might have tweeted about it. Maybe.

I also received an HD webcam today! I wasn't able to use it for the show, but I'm hoping if I stay up late enough tonight, I can get my computer to recognize it. Or do what I normally do in this situation. Yell for help really loudly and hope someone here, or maybe on google, can help me. If I can't do it tomorrow after sleep and Neill is unable to fix it, I will blame my computer and save up money to buy a new one.

I still have my commission that I worked on for awhile yesterday. Would have worked on it more had I been able to sleep last night and have woken up at a decent hour. Ok, ten isn't bad. But I need a running start! I need to get up! After everyone else, of course, but I'm weird like that. I'm feeling sleepy right now, and it's midnight, so hopefully I'll go straight to sleep and wake up at 830 or 9. That way I can get in a full days worth of painting, and not a half day. I've almost finished his jacket, got a lot of paint down on hers but had to stop because it was running and bit and instead of adding more of my paint, I just decided to let it dry and work on her face. And his face. I'll be glad when I get done with their clothes and background and then put the paint where it matters! I'm so oldschool, not treating all parts of the canvas equally!

And I've got another project I was thinking about doing but never really got together. Until now! I have all the stuff I need for it, and after I paint long and hard tomorrow I'll be starting more book binding! I have a couple of post bound books I want to make, and so I bought the book board I would need and some new paper. And I got all the stuff I needed to hand make me some paper! I was inspired by my brother who made some really awesome paper and that seemed like something I would want to do. And it was cheaper than buying the paper I wanted. So instead of five dollars a sheet I spent exactly 20 dollars and I can make all the paper I want. For all eternity and long as Melissa and Neill still have paper they need to shred. And I've got paper I need to shred, come to that!

I also have one more commission that I might be able to start soon. I probably mentioned it. I don't want to say much more about it other than that I will probably have one. I just have to get a dreaded price list together and be as detailed as possible. I'm sure everyone hates doing that. When I figure out how I am going to do it, I'll post about it. I'm sure everyone needs help with that! Especially me and it will help to be able to look back on how I did it when I have to do it again!

Sleep time. Definitely sleep time. I've done all the computer work I can! I need to be fresh for art.

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